About Us


“With the right footwear, one can rule the world!” -   


MONFARADI MARE Beach Ballerinas, came to creation as I was desperately searching for pretty footwear to match my swimwear, for the summers on the Amalfi coast, with their rocky & pebble beaches. Also having a fear and loathing to step barefoot on the sea or lakebed onto the unknown - yikes!

What were my options – latex socks, crocs, neoprene shoes? No thank you!

I also wanted something that would stay on the feet while I swim - perfect for land and sea. And so, MONFARADI MARE was born...and the mermaids sang!



Monfaradi ballerinas for events & flip-flops for nail salons, events & spas:

I love wearing high heels, they make me feel sexy and confident, and although they are not always the comfortable or safe option, there are times when no other style will do!

However, wearing high heels left me with sore, damaged & tired feet, often having to leave an event early. Countless can relate to kicking off their shoes with a deep sigh of sweet relief!

So I searched the market and was fed up with the ugly foldable footwear available, that were too bulky for my evening clutch. It was either that, or walk barefoot – neither an option for me! 

I decided to create something I would be delighted to wear, ultra lightweight, rollable to fit any handbag, and Oh-so-pretty! Also affordable enough that if you step in doggy-poop - not a problem, throw them away and grab another pair... in every colour!

Stylish and elegant for any occasion. The perfect footwear for transit, relevant to the modern woman and her busy lifestyle. No compromise. Now you can confidently say YES to your high heels, and get your groove on!

Monfaradi Footwear inspired by the cobbled streets of the magical island of Capri, and designed in Switzerland.